Membership Badges & Pins
372REICHSBUND DEUTSCHE JÄGERSCHAFT  (RDJ) -  German Sportsman's Hunting Association Stickpin, 15x18mm, knurled magnetic stick-pin 44mm soldiered with a round attachment plate.  Tombak metal, very crisp and highly detailed membership badge; unmarked in beautiful condition.



JAGDSCHUTZABZEICHEN - Hunting Safety Badge, 33.75x44mm, non-magnetic white metal, one piece pin-back with hook, with a brass or bronze round pin plate  In outstanding condition.



DEUTSCHE JAGDSCHUTZ-VERBAND. - German Hunting Association Membership Badge, 21mm diameter w/ 50mm stickpin and deluxe pin fastening  device. Two rivets holding the antlers in place and stamped on the reverse .585 gold content.  Post war, circa 1949. Minty.$298.00


DEUTSCHE JAGDSCHUTZ-VERBAND - German Hunting Association 40 year Award Badge, 40.45x42.60mm,  heavy metal Maker marked GES. GESCH. ST. & L., the abbreviation for STEINHAUER &  LÜCK, LÜDENSHEID. Circa 1949.$185.00
224PARTEIABZEICHEN der N.S.D.A.P. - 23.87mm, molded for enamel; stippled red ring, raised letters, etc. Enamel finishes were discontinued in 1944 and replaced with lacquer. Zinc core, reverse marked double-ring RZM  M1/17.     $85.00
3642PARTEIABZEICHEN der N.S.D.A.P. - 23.41mm diameter, badge molded for enameling with stippled background. Finished in lacquer. Late war 1944 to Pre-May 1945. RZM, M1/92 marked. **SOLD**
2114PARTEIABZEICHEN der N.S.D.A.P. -  23mm diameter, beautifully enameled finish, RZM  M1/105 marked. Mint condition.  **SOLD** 
161PARTEIABZEICHEN der N.S.D.A.P. -  23mm diameter, beautifully enameled finish, RZM  M1/152 marked. Mint condition. **SOLD**
999EARLY N.S.D.A.P. MEMBERSHIP BADGE - 23.1mm, slightly vaulted, smooth enamel, reverse stickpin attachment held in place by a cover plate, Pre-RZM, stamped in raised letters GES. GESCH. Light wear.    $100.00
4125PARTEIABZEICHEN der N.S.D.A.P. - Pre-RZM, 13mm, knurled stick-pin, 39mm. Very early and hard to find.  $145.00


NSDAP PARTEIABZEICHEN - National Socialist Party Badge, 23mm, enameled, RZM M1/6, maker KARL FENSLER, PFORZHEIM; badge is in good condition, with character! The center of the swastika has been stabbed numerous times, otherwise a nice early piece. . . RARE!   $69.00


PARTEIABZEICHEN der NSDAP - 23mm, Party Badge, enameled, silvered, early production, double ringed RZM, marked M1/151, RUDOLF SCHANES, WIEN, in near perfect condition; one-half of the attachment plate is slightly loose, otherwise a mint specimen.   $95.00


PARTEIABZEICHEN der NSDAP - Membership badge of the NSDAP, double-ringed RZM, M1/159, diameter 23.30mm, maker HANS DOPPLER, WIEN, made from Zinc core metal, finished in Lacquer, reverse is finished in a silver plated colour, pin-backed and crimped.  Late war die blemishes observed on the reverse.  Slightly vaulted, with NO scratches or blemishes to the obverse.  Badge is in absolute Stone Mint Condition.    $69.00


FÖRDERER des N.S. FLIEGERKORPS (F- NSFK) This was an award for "sponsored" members into the NSFK, or N.S. Flying Corps.  Measuring 21mm with the image of Icarus and swastika.  The new member was to wear this badge on his left civilian lapel and was issued I.D.     $80.00


ZENTRALVERBAND DEUTSCHER HAUS -  und GRUNDBESITZERVEREINE -  Central Association of German Housing and Landlord Association, oak leaf wreath around the badge, 23mm, beautiful enamel, smooth surface with silver reverse and pin-backed, maker LAUER, NÜRNBERG,  Mint Condition.   $140.00


ZENTRALVERBAND DEUTSCHER HAUS -  und GRUNDBESITZERVEREINE -  Central Association of German Housing and Landlord Association, 21mm, beautiful enamel, smooth surface with silver reverse and pin-backed, maker LAUER, NÜRNBERG,  Mint Condition.    $60.00


REICHSVERBAND DEUTSCHER RUNDFUNKTEIL- NEHMER - German Radio-Participant Federal TV Connected;  20mm diameter,  maker, Ges. Gesch., HOFFSTÄTTER, BONN, silvered reverse, pin-backed, enameled obverse with fine petite stippling underneath the read ring.  Categorized as a Mitgliedsabzeichen in Funk/Fernseyen. In absolute stone mint condition.   $120.00
1991NS-REICHSKRIEGERBUND (NSRKB) 25 JAHRE MITGLIEDSABZEICHEN - National Socialist Reichs  25yr. Silver  Membership badge, "25" encircled in black enamel, the retired veterans emblem at the center, surrounded by a silver coloured wreath,  maker marked "4" under the pin; in Excellent Condition.     $50.00


UNBEKANNTES EHRENZEICHEN - A gilt 20mm badge with the gilt initials over corn blue "GLR". Exhibits a gilt wreath very similar to the Golden Party Badge. The reverse does manifest a hand written serial number of #13475 and is pin-backed with a small rectangular attachment plate. Could be  pre-1933.


15318DAV 25 YEAR MEMBERSHIP BADGE - 30mm diameter, "Für 25 jahr. Mitgliedschaft im A.V.; maker marked "W. Deumer, LÜDENSHEID; PB., nice silvering; Edelweiss at the center with "DAV" in gold center.



 VERBANDSMEISTER DES DEUTSCHEN JÄGERBUNDES IM KLEINKALIBERSCHIEßEN-EHRENZEICHEN 1935 - (MASTERS of THE GERMAN HUNTERS ASSOCIATION IN  SMALL CALIBER SHOOTING); H:35mm, W:25mm; very crisp gold lettering , rack & crown, rim, & back; stamped "925" on the reverse; twin rivets holding the hunting emblem to the front; dark green enamel badge, high crisp detail; an outstanding original period collectible. Gold plated over .925 silver.    $470.00
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